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Aloha Software Overview


Aloha software is a POS or point of sale software used by most dine-in restaurants. Many larger chain restaurants use this software to help the manage customer’s orders, track restaurant data, coordinate with their kitchens. The program is developed by NCR or National Cash Register Company. Usually a business owner would contact a company to help them set up a solution that fits their restaurant needs. Aloha supports many interesting feature like the use of magnetic stripe cards for server and manager to log in to the system. Also tiered access where managers can log into the system to change menus and hand some of the “back office” tasks. And business owners can login and see the performance of their location, generate reports etc. Aloha can also process credit card payment directly from a the POS system. You can incorporate a cash drawer or bar code scanner also. There are also version of the software that will sit on tablets and phone if you want to have a more mobile system to help in a large facility like a resort. It can serve a specialize UI for kitchen staff so you can manage the kitchen efficiently. A take out and delivery system where drivers can check in and be issued orders. Aloha runs on windows machines. You can also setup a Aloha Manager server for several terminals to link to.