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Cisco IOS Fundamentals


Cisco's IOS is a command line driven interface for all their devices. There are some basics for logging into a device. Such as physically connecting to the device console port with a serial port, or a roller over cable. For no i'm going to discuss the basic hierarchy to get into configuring the device. One of the most important commands to learn is the "?" command. At any time if you need to know the command that are available to you you can just type in "?".

? output for user mode

The next thing you should know is the hierarchy into which you need to progress the get though to be able to configure the device i'll try to make a simple table below.

Mode chart

To configure a device you must move through the hierarchy into the global mode. user>privilege>global. In the next image I'll walk though these mode until a reach the interface mode.


Thank you for reading. I'll definitely continue these article later.