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Windows Active Directory Domain Services Common Tasks


Windows AD DS (Active Directory Domain Services) is a central feature of windows server. if you are going to work in any enterprise space you should have a firm knowledge of it. There are Linux based Directory services I'll cover them later. One of the most important features is GUI administrative center. It can help those not familiar with powershell quickly and easily complete tasks in the directory. in this blog post i'll run through how to complete the moist common tasks in Windows AD DS.

First go into you Administrative tools and click on "Active Directory Users and Computers":

When you are in Active Directory Users and Computers Window click on the "Create new user in the current container" Icon:

Fill in the name information and input a username based on your organizations user name schema. For my schema i'll simply use first initial and last name.

When you've filled in all the relevant fields click next and it will bring up the password dialogue. Input a password based on you companies policies, and then input it again to confirm. There are also several password options below the input fields you should consult your companies policies before you select any of these.

After your are done confirm the details in the next window and hit finish:

Once you've added the user you should place him into a group according to you companies policy. Just right click on the new user > add to a group:

Then you wan to type the name of the group that matches the new users role in the organization. Then I'd recommend hitting the check names button to make sure the group name is input properly. The just hit ok.

Select Group Window

That is the basic of adding a new user with windows server GUI admin tools. I'll go over the power shell command line in another blog post soon.