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CCTV Systems, Costs


Choosing a Closed Circuit Television System is important and can be very complex, and costly if you do it wrong. Nowadays there's lots of different choices for cameras and types of cameras. I like to break down these product in to three simple categories. Some of these camera have features that overlap each other for example there are cloud based cameras that have local storage, but for simplicity's sake i’ll group them with more common solutions for easier understanding.

Cloud Based Cameras- these are camera that often sold single or in a small pack with few dozen units, many of them are wifi based.

BNC Systems- BNC is a type of analog connection used to wire the cameras back into a main set to box somewhere that usually runs a linux based custom interface (please change the default password asap). They typically support anywhere from 4-16 cameras. Some may even support 20 but not much more.

IP/POE Based Systems- these cameras are connected using power over ethernet. They are usually hooked up to a server that runs software to manages all the video. These systems can range up to hundred of cameras.


Cloud based camera are the most affordable but a majority of them require monthly fees that can add up quickly especially if start getting more then one. Most cloud based cameras are designed to be installed the end user, and often are wireless and just need a power cable.

BNC set-top boxes don’t require a monthly fee and the cameras themselves are fairly cheap. The one fee that might pop up is if you don’t have a static IP address and need to get one from your ISP or sign up for a dynamic DNS service. The camera all require power and Analog video cable also certain models of camera a audio capable, but all of these connection usually are bundled together in a single cable. End-users can install it themselves but will probably opt for a professional installer.

IP/POE based systems are probably the most expensive solution they usually don’t require monthly fees except for certain software licenses and fees, and static IP fees. You need to have a proper network setup and PC/server to record and access the footage. Most likely end-users would have to contact a professional to design and setup this solution.

If you are interested in setting up a CCTV please let me know.