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Common Linux Commands Part 1


Linux is one of the world most ubiquitous operating systems. While there are many GUI or Graphical User interface Distributions or versions available for linux, command line interface is widely used by business and server deployments. Here are some of the most common commands that will help you start. This is by no means a thorough list but a good start. I will put a more parts as i have time.




The help argument is vital if you are unfamiliar with a command just put it after a command to get a rundown of the command its features. For example if you are unfamiliar with wget you would type

wget -h

This will bring up


Linus uses a tree structure to store files similar to windows. I’ll go into more detail later. But navigating this tree structure is vital to using linux.


The LS command is short of list this command bassically “lists” the file in your current directory. The best way to learn is to go into a linux terminal and type “ls -h” this will show all the arguments that will help you use effectively.


cd or change directory is also a vital command to navigate Linux it basically changes the directory that you are in. if you type it in without arguments it move you up a level to in the file tree. If you have permission and run the command multiple time it will bring you to the root directory. If you put the name of a folder after command it will move you into the directory specified, for example if you type “cd home” form the root directory you will move into the home folder where the users files are stored.